Pascal Academy

At Pascal Academy, we offer a wide variety of courses and programs available for all skill levels ranging from primary school all the way up to the college and university level. Our programs allow for students that are beginning a subject to find their footing and build a strong foundation to which they can either continue to explore on their own, or with the help of any of our many online and in class resources. Additionally, we offer courses for more advanced students within more specific fields that allow them to truly hone their skills and master their craft.

We focus on fostering healthy social and psychological development through cognitive skills, verbal/communication skills, sensory-motor skills, social-communication skills, self –care skills, self-help skills and metacognitive skills. We believe that a child at this age forgets just as fast as they learn. That’s why it is important not to focus on “theory” but focus on the soft skills needed for children to excel in the future. Once these skills are developed the child can retain knowledge learned in Math,English and other core subjects.

We believe at this age alongside aiding biological and psychological development we should start to build basic English and math skills. Building these basic English and math skills set up a strong base/foundation for our nations kids, in turn allowing the children of our nation to excel in later ages.

Building the foundational knowledge of math and english is crucial to future success. We take pride in our after school programs in which we focus on math and english at a young age, which directly translates into the development of communication, analytical, problem solving, logic and critical thinking skills. These skills are vital to be developed at a young age and must constantly be polished for future success. Building a strong foundation of these skills from a young age is what we pride ourselves on and promise to provide to the Canada’s next generation.

Our mentorship program is both application and interview based, we will work with students selected for this program to find where their strengths lie and assist them into developing them for there future career path. Our academy will provide the student with the right resources to succeed and meet there personalized goals. We have a wide range of alumni in multiple industries such as engineering, medicine, business and law and take pride into integrating our strong alumni into the routinely involvement of our individualized mentorship program for each student. The minimum weekly commitment to enrol in the program is at least 30 minutes of weekly contact with your mentor. If you are interested, fill in the application form below to become either a “mentee” or “mentor”.

Pascal academy has been offering high school credit courses towards Ontario Secondary School diploma since 2002. We offer courses in Math, English and Science.

We provide MCAT, DAT, PCAT, LSAT, GMAT preparation classes through our qualified instructors in the comfort of your own home, online and in class! In addition to providing endless study materials, videos and online exercises

We provide tutoring services for all grades and ages at the comfort of your own home,on our sites or online!