Pascal's Parents Guide
The Importance of Optimizing the Parent-Teacher Triangle

Not all parents are born teachers, but parents should ideally become there children’s primary teacher! You as a parent have the greatest potential to directly enhance your child’s education.  Achieving optimization of the parent, teacher and student triangle allows for parents to be a true extension of the teacher and build onto what is taught by teachers in school. To add on, parents having solutions ahead of time to questions such as: “What to do if your child get’s bullied” or “What do you do if your child has self esteem problems” can make the difference between tackling these problems head on or having these problems linger on throughout there childhood.

The Importance of “Free Time”


Involvement in extracurricular academic and athletic activities, for both young men and women, significantly protected them from serious delinquent behavior such as fighting, carrying a weapon, violence and consumption of recreational drugs. At Pascal Academy we provide an environment for both academic enrichment as well time for our children and young adults to relax and participate in extra curricular activities such as Takewando and sports which ultimately keeps children away from delinquent behaviour.