For our elementary schools student we continue to emphasize the importance of effective parent involvement ensuring parents have adequate training and resources to be a true extension of the classroom at home and drill the various fundamental skills and behavioral habits learned.


Grade 1 to 3

We believe at this age alongside aiding biological and psychological development we should start to build basic English and Math skills. Building these basic English and Math skills set up a strong base/foundation for our nations kids, in turn allowing the children of our nation to excel in later ages.


Grade 4 to 8

Building the foundation knowledge of Math and English is crucial to future success. We take pride in our after school programs in which we focus on Math and English at a young age, which directly translates into the development of communication, analytical, problem solving, logic and critical thinking skills. These skills are vital to be developed at a young age and must constantly be polished for future success. Building a strong foundation of these skills from a young age is what we pride ourselves on and promise to provide to the Canada’s next generation.