41 Years of Experience
Passion for a subject is the most powerful tool that can be used in developing a student’s skills. We work with the students to push them forward in their chosen field, allowing them to take control of their studies, and often exceeding the expectations of the regular school curriculum.
Pascal Academy believes that every student has the ability to excel in the field of study that is right for them. Too often, these young adults lose their way and get lost when trying to discover their calling. At Pascal Academy, we work with the students to find where their strengths lie and assist them into developing them into future career paths.
In Class Resources
Gain access to the notes given out in class, along with any and all resources used during tutoring sessions.
Additionally, summaries of courses and their components can be found here.
Online Resources
As part of our program, we offer a wide array of online resources available on our website and through Moodle. Students can cover the material in their own time or with the assistance of a certified tutor.
Parents’ Guide
Along with teaching students, Pascal Academy believes that educating parents is also an essential part of the development of young adults. Resources specifically designed for parents can be found here.
  • Help students learn more efficiently

    Pascal Academy’s continuous diagnostics gathers as much information as possible in regards to the students’ knowledge, in order to better accommodate the teaching to challenge them at the appropriate level, leading to better growth.

  • Keep up with ever-progressing students

    progressing students: As students develop, Pascal Academy’s continuous diagnostic ensures you won’t miss a thing. With regular practice and just a handful of diagnostic questions each week (questions that are fun and challenging) you’ll always have a vividly accurate profile of any student available the moment you need it.

  • Engage and empower students

    As they dive deeper into the subject at hand using Pascal Academy continuous diagnostics, students tap into an innate curiosity to learn more about themselves, inspiring them to take an active role in their learning.

  • Receive a unique action plan for students

    Pascal Academy’s continuous diagnostics helps you stay one step ahead, by outlining what students can work on to take their learning to the next level.


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At Pascal Academy, we are looking for Qualified, Patient and Energetic Teachers.

“Pascal Academy is committed to providing a high quality education and ensuring that all our students graduate with the best academic foundations.” – Jalil Hajimir

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