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Pascal Academy’s continuous diagnostics gathers as much information as possible in regards to the students’ knowledge, in order to better accommodate the teaching to challenge them at the appropriate level, leading to better growth. Pascal Academy’s continuous diagnostic assessments ensure our students won’t miss a thing. With regular practice problems and a handful of diagnostic quizzes each week (questions that are fun and challenging) our students always have a vividly accurate breakdown of where there strengths and weaknesses lie!font_options=”tag:div|font_size:13|line_height:18″ icon_size=”35″ title=”Engage and empower students”]As they dive deeper into the subject at hand using Pascal Academy continuous diagnostics, students tap into an innate curiosity to learn more about themselves, inspiring them to take an active role in their learning.font_options=”tag:div|font_size:13|line_height:18″ icon_size=”35″ title=”Receive a unique action plan for students”]Pascal Academy’s continuous diagnostics helps you stay one step ahead, by outlining what students can work on to take their learning to the next level.


“Mr.Hajimir is the most intelligent and coherent teacher that I have ever had the privilege to learn from. His teaching methods helped me to accelerate in my academic pathways and lead me to achieve limits that I never thought I could reach. Not only has Mr.Hajimir had a profound impact on my academic success but also my entire family. He first began with my two older sister who partook in the IB program. He Lead them to outstanding achievements which later transferred to their career paths. One has successfully graduated from Western’s Schulich School of Medicine and is now practinf her residency in family medicine while the other obtained her law degree from Osgoode hall law school and has been practicing as a barrister and solicitor for the past few years. Aside from this Mr.Hajimir’s passion for mathematics is passed on to his students which can clearly be seen through my brothers experience. He started off with a stubborn, lazy mindset but after just a few lessons with Mr.Hajimir he transformed into someone who loved math. In fact he loved it so much he later pursued his engineering degree from McMaster University in chemical engineering. In conclusion, there is no doubt that Mr.Hajimir will help you reach your academic goals while also developing a passion and drive for success. He is the absolute best teacher!”

“Christopher Haliburton”

I attended Pascal Academy in grade 12 for academic mathematics and science classes. The attention received from the teachers was pivotal in my success and learning, During my time attended, I found myself feeling well equipped for all university had in store for me. The one on one teaching experience allowed me to excel much quicker in my studies as it provided me with a foundation that I was not able to get at my high school. With this quintessential academic background going into Queens Commerce, I was able to allocate more time to extra-curricular activities and committees to help build my CV for my career. I was fortunate enough to have graduated with First Class Honors at Queens University, and spent two years working at Goldman Sachs within their Investment Banking Division post-graduation. Having built those core technical and analytical skill sets early on in life, allowed me to excel not only within post-secondary school but within the workplace as well.”

“Soroush Samavat”

“High school was never easy for me. Since grade 9, I struggled with roughly every single course I had. The traditional teaching style in high school was not effective enough for me to be able to grasp the material at hand. Along with a poor work ethic, I was concerned I would never be able to make it into my dream program, Computing Science. That all changed in 2011 when I came to Pascal Academy. There, I was able to learn in an environment where I didn’t feel stressed and was able to properly focus on my work. Mr. Hajimir became a mentor for me. He would continue to push me to improve myself, my studying habits, and my work ethics, until I was eventually confident enough in the subject he was teaching me, that I could teach others. Without him and the amount of time he spent with me making sure I understood the material, I would not be where I am today, at the University of Alberta enrolled in Computing Science, in my 3rd year. He truly was a mentor for me, like no teacher had been before.”

“Raaga Shankar”

“Mr. Jalil Hajimir has had a unique role in both my academic and career path. As a grade 11 student, I attended Pascal Academy for the remaining duration of high school in the core courses. This later helped my academic journey as an Engineering student. He was the main reason I successfully entered into an engineering program at Ryerson University. He has helped me immensely throughout, and I greatly appreciate his help in fulfilling my dreams.”

“Arman Mirsalari”

“I am a recent graduate from the Schulich School of Business. In my grade 12 year of high school I attended the Richmond Hill location of Pascal Academy. I took 2 courses (Advanced Functions and Calculus) and was very extremely pleased with my experience. Jalil Hajimir was a great teacher and his teaching style and assignments really made understanding the material. The different tricks and techniques he taught me went beyond my high school years and truly helped me succeed in my post-secondary career. I have, and will continue, to recommend Pascal Academy to all of my peers.”

“Sam Bigdeli”

“Pascal Academy changed my life without all the tutoring and support provided by staff I would not have been able to get to where I am today. I was able to get accepted into University of Toronto, McMaster and all the top schools in Ontario because of Pascal Academy. Mr. Jalil Hajimir is the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met. He sat with me day and night for long hours helping me with my schoolwork and teaching me concepts I simply could not understand in class . Pascal academy not only offers courses but offers tutoring, support, care and a support system outside of school. Mr. Jalil goes out of his way for his students and he truly cares about giving students an exceptional education!”

“Kristopher Maddeaux”

“Before going to Mr. Hajimir, I lacked the foundation in mathematics and motivation to succeed in the public secondary school system. Mr. Hajimir saw I needed some extra one on one time to better understand the concepts being taught to me. He developed a specialized learning plan for me to not only gain the foundation in mathematics I needed, but also take things a step further by teaching me advanced concepts to push me ahead of what I would be learning in my future university program. This includes lessons in programming physics for game data structure math. Without Mr. Hajimir I would not currently be in my dream career as a software engineer in the video game industry.”

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“Pascal Academy is committed to providing a high quality education and ensuring that all our students graduate with the best academic foundations.” – Jalil Hajimir

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